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Special Programs

Literacy Support Teachers

Rationale: A second helping of intense, small group instruction by a credentialed literacy tutor to reinforce some aspect of the reading and language arts program.

Program: This program is offered to all students. Teachers modify their programs to include this "second dose" intervention within their classroom.

Key contacts: Peggy Carlock and Kelly Theaker

Tiger Talk

Rationale: Many Nipomo students need continuous support as they acquire and grow in the English Language. The focus of this intervention centers on vocabulary development, explanation, and the opportunity to take the risk and speak in their new second language.

Program: Students experience the Into English language development program. The sessions begin as a group singing a few songs and then break into two small groups for read aloud, retells, and group discussions. Some weeks include short plays the students act out for each other. Each Into English thematic unit includes a short art lesson as a culminating activity.

Participation: Recommendation at grade level SST. Students participate until appropriate progress is achieved.

Key Contact: Peggy Carlock

Bright Futures

Rationale: Bring the community back to school after the school day ends to provide activities for the child and family.

Program: Bright Futures includes free after school enrichment classes, and literacy tutoring. Students check in and are given a small snack to get them through the afternoon. This is not a daycare program. The program is from 3:15-6:15, students who sign up are required to attend all three hours, five days a week.

Participation: Parent sign up for enrichment classes; recommendation at both site and grade level SST or direct conference for literacy classes. Morning care registration takes place at Nipomo Rec.

Sessions: Fall Session 14 September- 20 November, Winter Session 11 January- 4 March, Spring Session 4 April -27 May

Key Contacts: Dawn Wells, 474-3780

Homework Club

Rationale: Students need time and help so their nightly homework doesn't become a negative issue for the family.

Program: Bright Futures includes the Homework Club as part of its program. Students needing time or help with homework check in for 45 minutes of assistance from the Nipomo Staff. While students may not finish all of their homework, a significant portion should be completed before they leave each day.

Participation: Recommendation at grade level SST or direct conference with teacher. Once students have registered they are eligible to attend throughout the year. Parents are always responsible for informing the classroom teacher.

Key Contacts: Dawn Wells 474-3780


Rationale: Social support to help students build positive relationships with others.

Program: Social skills counseling with groups of students

Participation: Recommendation at grade level SST.

Key Contact:

Nipomo SAFE

Rationale: A school based resource designed to help families articulate with the support agencies within our community.

Program: Healthy Start has contacts with medical, dental, counseling, family support, and insurance organizations to help families. Because of this partnership, Nipomo School has on site access to small student support groups for social skill development, students of divorced families, bereavement, abuse, and some spaces for individualized counseling based on SST suggestions.

Participation: Recommendation at SST with a completed referral being submitted by the classroom teacher. Participation runs in 6 to 8 week cycles.

Key Contact: Nipomo SAFE (474-5560)