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School Policies

A few important policies for parents to know...
If your child is going home any way different than usual a note or call to the office (474-3780) is necessary. It is school policy to not take a child's word for it--they get things confused too often at this young age. Please send a note or call and help us avoid confusion, tears, and possibly a missed bus while we sort things out. * Make every effort to get your child to school 15 minutes early if they need a school breakfast. Teaching starts the minute students walk in the classroom door and children often miss out if they are still eating at the start of school. * Students should have everything they bring to school marked with their names (jackets, lunch pails, back packs, etc.) * If your child has to miss school we very much appreciate a call to the office (474-3780) or an email to report the reason for your child's absence.

Becoming A School Volunteer:
Any person visiting a Nipomo School classroom or participating in any classroom activity (e.g. field trips) must be cleared as a SCHOOL VOLUNTEER in advance of their visit/participation.
All Volunteers are required to:
-Complete a Volunteer Data Sheet (a new form must be completed each year, available in the school office)
-Obtain Fingerprint Clearance
-Obtain TB Clearance (valid for 4 years)
When you obtain clearance, you omay volunteer at any school in the Lucia Mar Unified School District.
There is no minimum time commitment.

LMUSD Human Resources Dept., is now offering fingerprinting services for our volunteers for a reduced price of $35.00. (For CA residents of less than 1 year, an additional cost of $17.00 will be charged).
Fingerprinting will be done at our Human Resources office at the District Offices in Arroyo Grande (602 Orchard St.). All fingerprinting will be done by appointment only; call 474-3000, ext 1192 to make an appointment.

TB Clearance:
You will need to complete a questionnaire to assess Tuberculosis risk (we no longer offer PPD tests).
Volunteers identified as low risk will be issued a clearance. Those requiring additional assessment will be referred to their private physician or the health department to complete the clearance process.