Principal's Welcome

Greetings for the 2019-20 school year!! 

It is sure to be an excellent year at Nipomo Elementary!

  • We have many new additions to our school site. Let's start with the staff. In addition to all of our amazing returning staff, Mrs. Lauren Jensen is a Special Education teacher in fourth-sixth grades;  Ms. Gabrielle Villegas is our Transitional Kindergarten/Kindergarten Special Education teacher. Also, new are Agustina Fuerte, Katherine Boydstun, and Anne Radke who are Instructional Assistants in our Special Education program. Ms. Marisol Wilson is a Literacy Support Teacher, extraordinaire. Ms. Azucena Perez is our new School Technology Assistant, in the computer lab.  We have a new school psychologist, Jennifer Anhorn. Mrs. Hanck is a long term substitute for Mrs. Mace who is out on maternity leave. This year our noon-duty supervisors are: Mrs. Drake, Mr. Jaramillo, Mrs. Nunez, Miss. Rodriguez and Mrs. Deeds.
  • We are rolling out our Caring School Community curriculum. This curriculum will be very beneficial in the cultivation of our Positive Behavior Intervention System. "Caring School Community is a social and emotional learning and discipline program designed to help students become caring, responsible members of their school community and ultimately to grow into humane, principled, and skilled citizens of a democratic society." It provides ways for teachers to directly teach social skills including self-management, interpersonal, and executive function, as well as provide tools for classroom management practices. ...Doesn't that sound great? The creators of the program provide data that shows all of this can lead to higher test scores, as well. The curriculum is also aligned with California Social-Emotional Learning (CASEL) Competencies. Our staff was emphatically in favor of getting the curriculum school-wide. 
  • The most important thing that you can do to help your students to be successful is to teach them about the importance of being respectful to everyone they encounter. They should treat all others as they wish to be treated. It seems that the more time our students spend on technology - gaming, Snapchat, etc., the more disrespect and conflicts we see at school. 
  • We are also excited about - our BEAUTIFUL, NEW CLASSROOMS. We have nine brand new classrooms, as well as, two new student restrooms. In addition, three of our older classrooms have been modernized - having new walls, air conditioning, and dual paned windows installed. The rest of our classrooms should be modernized in the next two years. 
  • Safety is of utmost importance. Please enforce with your children not to speak to strangers on their way to or from school, if walking. If anything concerns them on their walks, please tell them to tell a school staff member and you, immediately. 
  • We are a Provision 2 school. This means that all of our students will receive free breakfasts and lunches. Breakfasts will be served in each  classroom, this year. 
  • It is our privilege to be your partners in your child's education. Our dedicated staff devote so much time to planning lessons and caring for your children. 
  • Classrooms and schools of today are very different than they were when you were growing up. Students collaborate, use higher level thinking and inquiry, not to mention technology. Our staff has weekly Professional Development on our Late Start Mondays to keep up with research-based strategies to best teach our students. It is our goal to prepare them to be human beings of excellent character and to give them the foundation they need to go on to Middle School and High School and then on to college/tech school and career.
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