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Nipomo Elementary PTA Welcomes You!

Your support makes a difference!

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Welcome and thank you for your interest in The Nipomo Elementary PTA! The Nipomo PTA is a small but mighty group of parent volunteers who work to bring fun, enrichment, and experiences to Nipomo Elementary School. Here are just a few things that Nipomo Elementary PTA funds for our school:

  • Support and recognition to the teachers and staff
  • Guest speakers and assemblies
  • Transportation for field trips
  • Weekly Explorer classroom experiences
  • Spirit Wear
  • Spirit Flag Fridays
  • Staff Appreciation Week
  • Red Ribbon Week
  • Reflections Art Contest
  • Annual Holiday Shop
  • Playground equipment for recess and outdoor activities
  • Movie nights
  • Additional classroom supplies as requested by teachers
  • Holiday celebrations and classroom rewards
  • Fundraising incentives
  • Community outreach
  • And so much more…

That is why we need your support, so we can support our children and the hard working teachers and staff at Nipomo Elementary School. Your donations, time, and help are what make our kids have a great experience at school.

Join the Nipomo PTA today and help us bring the best to the students and staff at our school. Joining PTA is one of the best ways to get connected at our school. Membership dues are just $10 annually. There are a lot of benefits to joining Nipomo PTA:

  • Stay informed: there is no better way to stay up to date with what is happening at Nipomo Elementary School, or even within LMUSD, than joining your local PTA
  • Get connected: Nipomo PTA is a great opportunity to network with other parents at our school, and build a stronger relationship with Nipomo teachers, staff, and our amazing Principal
  • Be a voice: joining Nipomo PTA allows you to help determine the events that we bring to our school and how to allocate the funds raised during our fundraisers
  • Be a role model: show your student that you value their education and their experience at the school, and demonstrate to others on campus that you want to have a voice in what we do
  • Make a difference: help Nipomo PTA develop new ideas and new experiences for the students and staff at our school. See your great ideas come to life, and the joy it can bring to others!


You can easily complete your membership online at:  

We can’t do all of this without you… JOIN TODAY!

Keep calm and join PTA

Be sure to “Like”  Nipomo Elementary School - PTA on FaceBook so you are always up to date with our upcoming events:

You can also support Nipomo Elementary through the Amazon Smile program. Simply go to:, log in to your Amazon account as you normally would, and connect with Nipomo Elementary PTA as your “Supporting Organization” in the upper left hand corner of the main screen.  

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Nipomo PTA also sells Nipomo Elementary School tee shirts for $10 and sweatshirts for $25, which are all available in a variety of adult and youth sizes. Be on the lookout for our amazing volunteers selling spirit wear before school during various mornings, or stop by the front office and pick up a blue order form to purchase some Nipomo Elementary swag.  

Email us directly at:

Thank you so much for your support! Together we can do so much!