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Nipomo Staff Appreciation Week

Our annual Staff Appreciation Week is coming up May 2nd through May 6th. This is the week where we show the incredible teachers and staff of Nipomo Elementary School just how much they mean to us. Our theme this year is: "The Best Staff in All the World". The Staff Appreciation Week planning committee has put together a whole week of pampering and gifts for the men and women who make Nipomo Elementary School the wonderful place it is. Here is a look at the the plans we have for each day to pamper your Nipomo staff:
Monday (5/2): Staff can fuel up for the week with a buffet of snacks in the lounge; students are encouraged to give their teacher and other staff members compliments throughout the day.
Tuesday (5/3): Staff can stock up their classrooms with any supplies they may need at the supply table; students are encouraged to bring in a yummy snack or beverage for their teacher.
Wednesday (5/4): Staff will enjoy a First Class Breakfast in the lounge with pastries and morning goodies; students are encouraged to write their teacher a postcard telling him or her why they mean the world to the student (templates will be provided by PTA)
Thursday (5/5): We "Taco-bout" the best staff in All the World with a taco bar lunch in the lounge; students are encouraged to wear their teacher's favorite color on this day.
Friday (5/6): Staff can recover from a long week of teaching with a health and wellness bar in the lounge; students and staff are encouraged to partake in this day of relaxation and wear your pajamas to school.
But we can't do this alone, we need your help! Below is a link to an online sign-up where you can view items we are hoping to provide our staff throughout the week. If you are able to help us by providing 1 or more of the listed items we would be so so grateful! 
Any non-perishable item(s) can be dropped off in the main office anytime prior to the designated date the item(s) is(are) for. We ask perishable items be dropped off the morning of the designated date they are for. Hot items for the Taco Bar lunch can be dropped between 10:30am and 11:00am on Thursday, 5/5. 
On Sunday, May 1st, we are also inviting all Tiger families to come out and help us "Chalk the Walk" in preparation for this exciting week. Bring your sidewalk chalk, and help PTA decorate the sidewalks  surrounding the school and the main flagpole rotunda area. Leave special messages and designs for our staff to walk in to Monday morning. Come out any time on Sunday, May 1st and leave your mark!
Thank you for your help. We look forward to giving our teachers and staff a week they will remember! Thank you for your support. Here is that link again: