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Principal's Corner

Warm Winter Wishes, everyone.  This is a poem that I always like to read at this time of the year. It is a great reminder of the things that are most important in our children’s lives. Technology and devices are convenient and can be exciting, but they are not good babysitters. They do not provide our children with caring, empathy, conversation, skills that show respect, and good manners. As adults, we are so busy with our everyday lives. It takes time, patience, and extra effort to give our children what they need, but the world will be a better place, thanks to those efforts. Our diligent presence is the best present we can give our kids! 

"What Shall We Give the Children?"

What shall we give the children?

The holidays are almost here.

Toys and games and playthings,

As we do every year?

Yes, for the magic of toyland

Is part of the holiday lore

To gladden the heart of childhood.

But I shall give something more.

I shall give them more patience,

A more sympathetic ear,

A little more time for laughter,

Or tenderly dry a tear.

I shall take the time to teach them

The joy of doing some task.

I'll try to find time to answer

More of the questions they ask.

I shall give these to my children,

Weaving a closer tie.

Knitting our lives together

With the gifts that money can't buy.

We can all give gifts to each other that money can't buy - being present with one another, listening, talking, reminiscing, creating new traditions, and celebrating another new year. Happy Holidays,


Warm regards, Julia Bowles


Les deseo un buen invierno a todos.  Este es un poema que siempre me gusta leer en esta época del año. Es un gran recordatorio de las cosas que son más importantes en la vida de nuestros hijos/as. La tecnología y los dispositivos son convenientes y pueden ser emocionantes, pero no son buenas niñeras. No proveen a nuestros niños/as con cuidado, empatía, conversación, habilidades que muestren respeto y buenos modales. Como adultos, estamos tan ocupados con nuestras vidas diarias. Se necesita tiempo, paciencia y esfuerzo adicional para dar a nuestros hijos/as lo que necesitan, pero el mundo será un lugar mejor, gracias a esos esfuerzos. Nuestra presencia es el mejor regalo que podemos darles a nuestros hijos/as! 

"¿Qué les daremos a los niños?"

¿Qué les daremos a los niños?

Las vacaciones están casi aquí.

¿Juguetes, juegos y juguetes,

como hacemos todos los años?

Sí, porque la magia de Toyland

es parte de la tradición navideña

para alegrar el corazón de la infancia.

Pero daré algo más.

Les daré más paciencia,

un oído más comprensivo,

un poco más de tiempo para reír,

o secaré una lágrima con ternura.

Me tomaré el tiempo para enseñarles

La alegría de hacer alguna tarea.

Trataré de encontrar tiempo para responder

Más de las preguntas que hacen.

Se los daré a mis hijos,

tejiendo un lazo más cercano.

Tejer nuestras vidas juntas

con los regalos que el dinero no puede comprar.

Todos podemos darnos regalos que el dinero no puede comprar: estar presentes el uno con el otro, escuchar, hablar, recordar, crear nuevas tradiciones y celebrar otro año nuevo. Felices fiestas, 

Saludos cordiales, Julia Bowles

Rules, Rules, Rules

Every September,  I go from classroom to classroom to remind students about some of the rules at school that they may need a little reminder about. All of our school rules fall into three categories: Safety, Respect and Responsibility. The Golden Rule: Treat others the way you would like to be treated, is the most important. Some of the specific rules that I also discuss with students include: 

  1. No gum at school (Teachers may do a special activity with gum - however it is not allowed outside of the classroom on those occasions.) 
  2. No inappropriate message shirts (no vulgarity, profanity or portrayed violence. It is appreciated if your student does not wear a negative message shirt such as, “I’m not listening”, “Sorry I am late, but I don't want to be here”, etc. We try to encourage students to dress for success. You can imagine being a teacher having to look at a negative message all day long, while trying to remain positive.
  3. Shorts must be within an inch of the longest finger tip, when arms are hanging comfortably at the student’s sides.
  4. No underwear should be showing - tank tops should cover bra straps. Pants should not sag to show the top of underwear, etc. Again,we are dressing for success.
  5. We don’t share food. Many students have food allergies. No family-sized bags of chips or Takis at school, please.
  6. Candy is a treat, not a snack. Please reserve a piece of candy for lunch box treats only during the week after October 31st and the week after February 14th. No fancy jewelry at school.
  7. Closed-toe shoes at school. No high heels.
  8. If riding a bike, skateboard, or a scooter to school, a helmet must be worn - it is the law. 
  9.  Prescription medication  may only be dispensed from the office. We have a special form for a doctor to complete. If you want your child to have any over the counter medication (Advil, cough drop, etc. A parent or guardian must come to the office to dispense. Students are not allowed to have those in their backpacks or lunchboxes. Illegal to minor drugs are most certainly not allowed. 
  10. Cell phones are to remain off from the moment the student arrives on campus, until dismissal. Teachers have different ways of handling cell phones - some teachers collect them. More often phones are to remain in the backpack. 
  11. If a student accidentally brings a dangerous object to school - they are to inform their teacher or a staff member immediately. They are not to discuss or show it to friends.
  12. Only by teacher permission are toys or electronic games allowed at school.

Thank you for helping your student to abide by these rules to keep our school environment safe place of respect!

It is our privilege to be your partners in your child's education. Our dedicated staff devote so much time to planning lessons and caring for your children. Classrooms and schools of today are very different than they were when you were growing up. Students collaborate, use higher level thinking and inquiry, not to mention technology. Our staff has weekly Professional Development on our Late Start Mondays to keep up with research-based strategies to best teach our students. It is our goal to prepare them to be human beings of excellent character and to give them the foundation they need to go on to Middle School and High School and then on to college/tech school and career. 

In case you weren’t able to be at our Back to School Night, I want to mention again, how excited we are to be implementing our new social-emotional and discipline learning program called Caring School Community. Caring School Community is a research-based program that we are utilizing in TK-Sixth grade. It is designed to help students become caring, responsible members of their school community and ultimately to grow into humane, principled, and skilled citizens of a democratic society." It will provide ways for teachers to directly teach social skills including self-management, interpersonal, and executive function, as well as provide tools for classroom management practices. ...Doesn't that sound great? The creators of the program provide data that shows all of this can lead to higher test scores, as well. Our staff was emphatically in favor of getting the curriculum school-wide. The program also involves students working with cross-age buddy classes. Teachers will collaborate to plan lessons and activities for the buddy classes. Students will meet their buddies in October. This will be fun and a great community -builder for our school. We are looking forward to it!

Please contact the school office if you have any questions that arise over the course of the school year. Again, thank you for your support as we continue the journey of your child’s education. 

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The Year in Review/Looking Forward

May/June 2019

It has been a fantastic year at Nipomo Elementary! Students and staff have accomplished much and we are so proud!

We introduced our Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) system and have great banners throughout the school to remind all stakeholders of the expectations in all places on the campus. We are happy to have breakfast served in our classrooms, knowing that a rumbly tummy makes it more difficult to focus on work. We offered free dental appointments right here at school. We had nutrition/cooking classes and food sampling. We have had to amazing productions this year, and are looking forward to our annual Talent Show. Tigers were able to shop at two Book Fairs and the Holiday Gift Shop. Tigers went had a Fun Run to raise funds for PTA to pay for transportation to most of the following field trips: The Avila Barn, Cuesta College, Santa Barbara Zoo, San Margarita, Santa Maria Elks Rodeo, The Clark Center, Sixth Grade Science Camp, Special Olympics, Dana Adobe, Boomers, and the Atascadero Zoo, Oceano Dunes, and Lake Lopez, La Purisima Mission, Cal Fire Station.

Students walked through Ancient Civilizations, the American Revolution and California. These terrific programs were brought to us by the PTA, and we are so thankful for the opportunities! 

Of course we have our amazing construction project in progress right now. We will have a beautiful new building housing nine new classrooms when school opens on August 15th. We appreciate the patience of all of our neighbors through the noise and the dust!

Staff is really looking forward to next year as we kick off our new Caring School Community curriculum. This Social Emotional Learning and Behavior curriculum will give students at all grade levels a common language to use as well as a clear, common behavior expectations throughout the school site.

Remember class lists are no longer posted in the fall. You must make sure that all library fees have been paid. Homelink information must be confirmed after 8/1. in order to access your child’s new teacher information on 8/14

I hope you have a safe, wonderful, relaxing summer. See you on August 15th!

💗 Mrs. Bowles




El Año Completo en Revisión/Mirando Hacia El Futuro

Mayo / junio de 2019


¡Ha sido un año fantástico en Nipomo Elementary! ¡Los estudiantes y el personal han logrado mucho y estamos muy orgullosos!


Presentamos nuestro sistema de Apoyo a la Intervención de Comportamiento Positivo (PBIS) y tenemos excelentes pancartas en toda la escuela para recordar a todos los interesados las expectativas en todos los lugares del campus. Estamos felices de que se sirva el desayuno en nuestras clases, sabiendo que comenzar el dia con la panza vacía es más difícil concentrarse en el trabajo de la clase. Ofrecemos citas dentales gratuitas aquí en la escuela. Tuvimos clases de nutrición / cocina y muestras de comida. Hemos tenido producciones asombrosas este año, y estamos esperando nuestro Show de Talentos anual. Los Tigres pudieron comprar en dos ferias de libros y en la tienda de regalos navideños. Los Tigres tuvieron una Carrera Divertida para recaudar fondos para que la PTA pague el transporte a la mayoría de los siguientes viajes escolares : El Barn de Águila, el Colegio Cuesta, el Zoológico de Santa Bárbara, San Margarita, el Rodeo de Santa María Elks, el Centro Clark, el Campamento de Ciencias de Sexto Grado , Olimpiadas Especiales, Dana Adobe, Boomers, el Zoológico de Atascadero, Oceano Dunes, el Lago López, La Purisima Mission, y la Estación Cal Fire.


Los estudiantes caminaron a través de las Civilizaciones Antiguas, la Revolución Americana y California. El PTA nos trajo estos fabulosos programas, ¡y estamos muy agradecidos por las oportunidades! 


Por supuesto, tenemos nuestro increíble proyecto de construcción en progreso ahora mismo. Tendremos un hermoso edificio nuevo con nueve salones nuevos cuando la escuela abra el 15 de agosto. ¡Apreciamos la paciencia de todos nuestros vecinos a través del ruido y el polvo!


El personal espera con ansias el próximo año, ya que iniciamos nuestro nuevo plan de estudios de la Comunidad de Caring School. Este plan de estudios de aprendizaje y comportamiento socioemocional les dará a los estudiantes de todos los niveles de grado un lenguaje común para usar, así como unas expectativas de comportamiento claras y comunes en todo el sitio escolar.


Recuerde que las listas de clases ya no se publican en el otoño. Debe asegurarse de que se hayan pagado todas las tarifas de la biblioteca. Reconfirmar toda su información en Homelink debe ser confirmada después del 8/1. para acceder a la nueva información del maestro/a que le tocara a su hijo/a el 8/14


Espero que tengas un verano seguro, maravilloso y relajante. ¡Nos vemos el 15 de agosto!


💗 Sra. Bowles

March came in like a lion - with rain, thunder and lightning! Hopefully things will calm down as we welcome the season of spring. Spring and the longer days of daylight saving bring us more sunshine. I get a renewed sense of energy when the days get longer! Longer days equal busy times! All of the old portable buildings have been removed from our campus. Now the earth will be dug and manipulated to prepare for the foundations of our new building, which will house nine new classrooms. As many of you know, Bright Futures has a temporary classroom out on the field. Luckily, our longer days, mean you won’t have to walk in the dark out to the room to sign students out at the end of the day. Spring also brings more assessments for our students. They have been learning a lot and now it is time to show what they know! Currently, we are in the middle of Measures of Academic Progress (MAP)  testing. Our English learners will also be experiencing English Language Proficiency Assessments for California (ELPAC) testing, this month. Next month, and May, bring the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP). This test is our state test that has results posted and that realtors like to associate with neighborhood ratings and home prices. Although we ALL know what a WONDERFUL place Nipomo Elementary school is, the CAASPP results sometime tell the world otherwise. Please encourage your children to do their best in school and on all of their assessments. 

               I am happy to announce that Nipomo Elementary has been recognized by the USDA for our innovative Breakfast in the Classroom program. More students are getting to school on time and we are experiencing less absenteeism than in the past, which is great! I am also pleased to say that as a school site, we are adopting a new curriculum” Caring school Community” to help teachers with Character Education and teaching behavior expectations. Student behavior has become more challenging in recent years. We appreciate parents beginning that education at home and supporting that education all the way through twelfth grade. Unfortunately, social media, and video gaming, make the work more challenging for us here at school. I hope you will join us on May 23rd, when we have our Google Night which will explore the positives and negatives of students and the internet. More information to follow, next month. 

As always, thank you for your support and partnership in teaching our kids!

Reading, Writing, Arithmetic...History, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Respectful Behavior…

Schools and teachers have a lot more to teach students, today, than they did back when their parents were students. Students come to school with varying ways that they learn the best. As with anyone, students also have varying interests. Two of our main parent groups: the English Language Acquisition Committee (ELAC) and School Site Council (SSC),agreed that the Arts are important to building a well-rounded individual. We agreed to spend a portion of our budget, once again, on our school play this year. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was a big hit, with 47 students in the cast! The production involved memorization of scripts, singing, choreography, listening and speaking in front of an audience, taking direction,  and teamwork. I highly encourage you to encourage your child to try new things! Our Robotics Team just finished their season. They competed in three tournaments and we had two-three of our five teams finish in the top 20 at each tournament. Our PTA funds our walk Through History Days, where children are transported in time - wearing costumes of various eras and showing their knowledge about historical figures and events. We will be sending a team to Battle of the Books for the fourth year, this April. Our Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) club for Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) students (and others by teacher recommendation, if space allows) will be up an running this spring. This week we had our Dance Unit in PE. Students really enjoy when we have Zulu Dance here to teach us some new moves! In addition, this week we started a Coding for Girls after school class for girls in grades 2-6. We will also be starting a news casting club for interested 5th and 6th  graders, soon. Further, we are offering nutrition/cooking classes in many of our classrooms, beginning this month. We continue to work on our  schoolwide Positive Behavior Support System (PBIS), - encouraging students to think before they act or speak in an unkind way. PLEASE help us by expecting and modeling respect at home. As you can see we have a lot more than teaching reading and math to do. We appreciate your support!

New Year’s Resolutions: Take a moment to reflect on your family, your child, your challenges. Open the conversation to include your children and their point of view! Depending on how you feel about last year’s successes and challenges, the age of your children, and new situations for your family . . . maybe this is a good time to set some family goals (don’t forget to keep track of success and build in rewards!) Consider . . .
We will take “required items” to school. (Music instruments, homework, etc.) Hint: establish a spot – if possible near the front door- to organize those things the night before, and use a visual calendar to remind each other of what is important to remember each day of the week!
We will be on time! Being on time sends a message to the teacher and to other students that school is important. Coming in late sends the opposite message. On time means – on the blacktop to line up with the class at 8:55, Tuesday-Friday. Did you know that the District keeps track of school absences and tardies? We don’t want to be at the top of that list! Let’s be present and on time, Tigers!!

This year is the year to focus on . . ! Was there a subject your child could have performed better in last year? Memorizing those math facts? Were tests always a “surprise”? Once you’ve identified this area, consider sharing this goal with your child’s teacher and get suggestions on specific practices to put in place that match classroom organization.
READING! Reading at the student’s independent level WILL build reading level and increase comprehension. There are no shortcuts to building that reading muscle! Read every day – even on weekends! Read as a family! Read to your children – and let them see you read! Visit the library as a family! Once students are secure readers – there is almost nothing they can’t accomplish. And, exposure to great writing in literature builds writing skills. If you focus on nothing else this year – make reading part of your goals!

Take pride in your work. Be the best you.

I’d love to hear from you on goals you set, what rewards you establish, and how it all works! Being part of growth and contributing to positive change is one of the best parts of my job! I’d love to be part of your reward system and give your Tiger a high five for a job well done. 

I encourage all K-6 Tigers to try out for our school play, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. on Monday, January 28th at 3:24 in the Tiger Café!!!

(New Year’s message adapted from excerpts of Point Vicente’s welcome back address.)




Resoluciones de Año Nuevo: Tome un momento para reflexionar sobre su familia, sus hijos/as, sus desafíos. ¡Abre la conversación para incluir a sus hijos/as y sus puntos de vista! Dependiendo de cómo se sienta con respecto a los éxitos y desafíos del año pasado, la edad de sus hijos/as y las nuevas situaciones para su familia. . . quizás este sea un buen momento para establecer algunos objetivos familiares (¡no olvide hacer un seguimiento del éxito y acumular recompensas!) Considere. . .
Llevaremos “artículos requeridos” a la escuela. (Mochilas, instrumentos de sexto grado, tareas, etc.) Pista: establezca un lugar, si es posible cerca de la puerta principal, para organizar esas cosas la noche anterior, y use un calendario visual para recordar lo que es importante recordar cada día. ¡de la semana! ¡Haz de esto la responsabilidad de los estudiantes!

Estaremos a tiempo! Llegar a tiempo envía un mensaje al maestro/a y a otros estudiantes que la escuela es importante. Llegando tarde envía el mensaje opuesto. A tiempo significa: en el asfalto para alinearse con la clase a las 8:55, de martes a viernes. ¿Sabías que el Distrito realiza un seguimiento de las ausencias y tardanzas en la escuela? ¡No queremos estar al principio de esa lista! ¡Estemos presentes y a tiempo, tigres!

Este año es el año para centrarse . . ! ¿Hubo un tema que su hijo/a podría haber tenido un mejor desempeño el año pasado? ¿Memorizando hechos matemáticos? ¿Fueron las pruebas siempre una "sorpresa"? Una vez que haya identificado esta área, considere compartir este objetivo con el maestro/a de su hijo y obtener sugerencias sobre prácticas específicas para establecer que coincidan con la organización de la clase.
¡LECTURA! La lectura en el nivel independiente del estudiante construirá el nivel de lectura y aumentará la comprensión. ¡No hay atajos para construir ese músculo de lectura! Lee todos los días, ¡incluso los fines de semana! ¡Lee en familia! Leales a sus hijos/as, ¡y que te vean leer! ¡Visita la biblioteca en familia! Una vez que los estudiantes son lectores seguros, no hay casi nada que no puedan lograr. Y, la exposición a la buena escritura en la literatura construye habilidades de escritura. Si no se enfoca en nada más este año, ¡haga de la lectura parte de sus metas!

Enorgullécete de tu trabajo. Sé el mejor tú.


Me encantaría saber de usted cuáles son los objetivos que establece, qué recompensas establece y cómo funciona todo. ¡Ser parte del crecimiento y contribuir al cambio positivo es una de las mejores partes de mi trabajo! Me encantaría ser parte de su sistema de recompensas y celebrar con su estudiante Tigre por su trabajo bien hecho. 


Animo a todos los estudiantes Tigres de K-6 a probar nuestra obra escolar, Blancanieves y los Siete Enanitos. el lunes 28 de enero a las 3:24 en el Tiger Café!


(Mensaje de Año Nuevo adaptado de extractos del discurso de bienvenida de Point Vicente.)

Growing Pains and a Face Lift

You may have received a couple of letters from the District, regarding some upcoming construction projects which will be taking place on our campus from November 2018 - August 2019. Soon our campus will start to go through some BIG  changes. Half of our field will be fenced off and cement slabs will be poured. Four additional temporary classrooms will be set up and staged on those foundations. For the rest of the year our SDC, RSP and Bright Futures’ classrooms will be housed there. Soon after those moves, rooms 27-33 will be taken off campus. Once those big moves are completed, construction of nine brand new, permanent classrooms will begin. Our student safety is of utmost importance. Fencing will be in place, so that students are separated from the construction and heavy equipment. There will surely be noise, dust and inconvenience. The outcome will be nine beautiful new classrooms and  some new restrooms, which will be up and open for the next school year. The occupants of the new classrooms will be determined in upcoming months. Thank you for your patience and support for this major endeavor. It will help us be better for our kids! 


Problemas de crecimiento y Remodelamiento  

Es posible que haya recibido un par de cartas del Distrito sobre algunos proyectos de construcción que se llevarán a cabo en nuestro campus desde noviembre del 2018 hasta agosto del 2019. Pronto, nuestro campus comenzará a pasar por GRANDES cambios. La mitad de nuestro campo será cercada y echarán cemento. Se instalarán cuatro clases temporales adicionales en esas áreas. Durante el resto del año nuestras clases de SDC, RSP y Futuros Brillantes se alojarán allí. Poco después de esos movimientos, los salones 27-33 serán retirados del campus. Una vez que se completen esos grandes movimientos, comenzará la construcción de nueve clases nuevas y permanentes. La seguridad de nuestros estudiantes es de suma importancia. Las cercas estarán en su lugar, para que los estudiantes estén separados de la construcción y el equipo pesado. Seguramente habrá ruido, polvo y molestias. El resultado serán nueve hermosas clases nuevas y algunos baños nuevos, que estarán en funcionamiento el próximo año escolar. Los ocupantes de las nuevas clases se determinarán en los próximos meses. Gracias por su paciencia y apoyo para este gran esfuerzo. ¡Nos ayudará a ser mejores para nuestros estudiantes!